Let me protect your Shopify investment and help grow your Shopify store all at once.

You need a Shopify consultant that protects your business, guards you against scams & fakers, maximizes efforts and makes sure stupid mistakes are not made. That is where I come in. These days there is just too much at stake to waste time with trial and error and sit stuck for years. Let me step in and be the go-to-person that can guide, advise, solve problems and help map out a strategy for your business' success with Shopify.

What is the Sellmaze?

Sellmaze™ is a series of choices and decisions retail owners must navigate to succeed. My goal is to help Shopify store owners navigate all these hurdles by leveraging all my knowledge and experience.  


My services are designed to give you solid answers and help you succeed.

About me

My goal is truly to help my clients make the best choices possible to achieve the best results with their business. With years of Shopify experience I can save you time, money and frustration. My approach is straight to the point, blunt, with no sugar coating because I want to get your business on the right back as soon as possible.

Learn more about my qualifications, why I am on your side and how my knowledge and expertise is the real deal.

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IMPORTANT: I do NOT work with adult websites, websites that display mature/adult related content in any manner. I also do NOT work with sites that sell CBD products, vaping, lingerie and pharmaceuticals.

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Ecommerce consultant, Shopify consulting services & Shopify store audits

I am an experienced Shopify consultant with 10+ years of experience helping shop owners increase sales on ecommerce sites. As an ecommerce consultant, I can give your Shopify store an in-depth Shopify audit and tell you where you are going wrong. Having a professional look over your website is invaluable. Not only will your customers benefit from an improved shopping experience, but your business will be streamlined for success! Being an expert Shopify consultant, I can create a winning ecommerce consulting strategy that will get your sales up.

Ecommerce consulting services

I know you might be frustrated with your Shopify store and I know some of the questions and issues you are struggling with. Like: what's wrong with my website? Why aren't my products selling? How can my Shopify site be improved? Is my Shopify store ugly? What could be improved with my product branding? Where can I hire a Shopify consultant? And can you help increase my sales? With my ecommerce consulting services I can answer all these questions for you and find solutions to the issues your Shopify store is facing.

Best ecommerce consultant for Shopify

I have helped clients and businesses in every industry. Clothing stores, beauty stores, jewelry stores, electronic shops, furniture stores, florist shops, handcraft boutiques, spas, fitness and workout equipment stores, enterprises, top brands, entertainers, sporting goods stores, big businesses and more! In the process of consulting these businesses, I have accrued an immense knowledge-base for Shopify/e-commerce stores and customer shopping behavior.

Get a Shopify store audit

With a Shopify store audit, I will give you a complete analysis and review of your website. I will tell you what's wrong with your Shopify store and develop a strategy for success. My Shopify audits will open your eyes to problems with your Shopify store, things you may have gotten used to, but turn your customers off. Sometimes a Shopify audit results in a few key tweaks, which will make a world of difference for your sales. A simple Shopify site audit will tell you what’s wrong with your website and how to fix it.

Ecommerce consulting services

Most people settle for a Shopify store that could look better, has some problems and accept the fact that they have low sales and low traffic. Some people pay tens of thousands of dollars for a brand new website and throw it away after a few months of poor performance. Sometimes a complete redesign isn't necessary. I can save you money by honing in on the issues and creating a plan/ strategy that will solve your Shopify problems quickly.

Ecommerce strategy consulting

With an expert Shopify consulting strategy, you can start selling more products, build a better brand, increase your traffic, increase your sales and improve the customer shopping experience. I love using my expertise as an expert Shopify consultant to help individuals, businesses and companies transform the look of their websites and their customer's shopping experience.

Shopify website audit

The e-commerce strategy consulting that I provide is based on years of experience working with clients and troubleshooting issues they are having with their Shopify site. Hiring a Shopify consultant and utilizing my Shopify website audits will ultimately save you time and frustration. Let's face it, there's a reason you aren't selling your products or services and I'm confident I can help.

Ready to hire a Shopify consultant?

Great! I'm excited to help you with your Shopify store. Let my years of experience as an expert Shopify consultant help you succeed selling online. If you have any questions about my Shopify audits, ecommerce consulting/strategy services, or about me as an expert Shopify consultant, feel free to contact me, I'm always happy to help.