I am happy you found me, this could be the turning point in your success on Shopify, seriously!

When starting your online Shopify store the direction might seem clear at first, but the bombardment is just around the corner. The way a lot of owners deal with this is to read a lot of blogs, watch videos, ask "experts" and read tutorials. This creates the risk of getting scammed and in the end usually creates decisions without any focus and the dreaded sloppy site that goes nowhere. You do not need tips, suggestions, or to try everything you read online. What you need is a qualified Shopify consultant you can turn to. That is why my services can change the course of your business and keep you on track to a successful climb.

What is a Shopify consultant?

A Shopify consultant is someone that leverages their expertise to help you get further than you could on your own. Knowing all the pitfalls, problems and solutions, advising you on what works, protecting your business from scams and helping you achieve the best possible outcome on all levels.

Consulting services

Here are a few examples of the consulting services I offer that will help your Shopify business

Site issues

Let me help you with the issues you're facing wether it's with functionality, conversions, logistics I can offer you solutions that work

Site audits

Site audits are the quickest way to find out why your site's not performing well, I can analyze your site, identify problems and create a plan for you

Strategic planning

The best way to achieve success with your Shopify store is to have a solid plan, let’s work together and develop a strategy that will work for your business

Expert guidance

Leverage my years of experience as a Shopify expert to help you feel confident with the decisions you're making and plan to make in the future

Conversion issues

Converting visitors can be more difficult for some businesses than others, let me identify the issues and increase the conversion rate on your Shopify store

Design guidance

Websites fail because the design doesn’t resonate, I can provide feedback and guidance on how to create a design that converts sales into loyal customers

Project management

I can take the lead with your project and manage all aspects with finding the right team, quality checks and making sure the end result is pixel perfect

Recommend apps

Finding the perfect app is harder than it used to be with so many poorly developed apps, I know which apps to use and which ones to stay away from

Avoid scammers

There are a lot of scams and sub-par companies passing themselves off as quality teams, they can really mess up your site and slow your progress

Team vetting

Creating an effective team is crucial to your success on Shopify, let me help you find dependable and qualified people to serve all your business’ needs

App testing

I can review private or public apps built for Shopify and test it’s functionality, plus I can also advise you on how to properly promote your app on Shopify

Problem solving

I can answer all your questions and provide guidance on how to solve the problems that you’re facing with your business

About me

Getting on track is one tough thing. Staying on track is an even harder thing. I can save your business from pitfalls, ugly designs, crap apps, stupid mistakes, scams and wasting time on your climb. My approach is straight to the point, blunt, with no sugar coating because I want to get your business on the right back as soon as possible.

Learn more about my qualifications, why I am on your side and how my knowledge and expertise is the real deal.

Common questions

Here are some answers to questions about my Shopify consulting services

I work with Shopify shops in almost every industry. Beauty, skin care, fashion & clothing, electronics, furniture, handcrafts, florists, jewelry, services, industrial, fitness and more!

I do not work with adult websites, websites that display mature/adult related content in any manner. I also do not work with sites that sell CBD products, vaping, lingerie and pharmaceuticals.

Yes, I can assist by directing you to vetted companies that I work with and trust. This ensures that things are done and fixed correctly so no more time is wasted getting on your road to success.

Nice folks and companies that are motivated and open to not only suggestions, but real solid blunt advice.

No crabby people please! :)

Not at all actually. Design agencies or web design companies certainly can have a high level of knowledge, but that does not mean the result with be the best or that they are guiding you in the right direction. It’s best to have someone who can look out for you with experienced, operating knowledge that only comes for years of working on projects.

Nope, I started as a web designer and then a Shopify expert, but the focus with Sellmaze is e-commerce consulting and Shopify site audits. I don't perform the changes I recommend such as web design services, theme design, marketing, SEO etc. What I will do is recommend vetted Shopify expert companies that I work with or I can help you find companies that can provide you with the best Shopify services possible. Letting me be involved in the selection of your team reduces the chances of getting scammed and in the end gets the best result.

With project management services, I will take charge of your team or the vetted team we recommend to create and complete all aspects of the scope and plan.

Yes! That is something that irritates me a lot! On our video walk through conference I can run you through some common scams and point you in the right direction to avoid them in the future. There is a protocol to avoiding wasting time and losing money with fakers.

Unfortunately there are a lot of “scams” in the web design industry. Getting scammed by a web design company is pretty common, but not all scammers are just "companies" that take your money. Some scams simply happen when are a client hires a web design company that’s clueless, they lowball the client, then hike up the cost and delay the project for 6-10 months. Scams can also be plain old bad advice, zero knowledge fakers, low quotes, high quotes, non-functioning sites or features, fake SEO retainers and of course creating very ugly websites! 

I know a lot about the tactics these types of "companies” employ and have heard stories about them for over 14+ years. I know how to spot a scam because they all do it the same few ways :) 

100%! I do not share any of the information gathered with anyone or 3rd parties.All data and information is also removed within 90 days from our local servers for your privacy. Any data that is stored online will be available for up to a year so you can have access to it.

Yes! I'm proudly 100% USA based. I'm also in Minnesota, so that means I am freezing cold half the year.

I am in Minnesota in the Central timezone (CST / UTC -6) which usually works perfect for just about everyone. There are some timezones that do prove to be tricky like Australia or China. Please contact me if you don't think our timezones are compatible to make sure we can connect.

I have been a Shopify expert for over 11+ years and ran a top Shopify agency that handled everything from start ups to fortune 500 companies. I also have a total of 14+ years of web development experience. I am very knowledgeable in SEO, site design UX and marketing. To learn more about me click here.

Of course! Please either put through your order or contact me prior so we can make arrangements.

Site audits are a flat rate costs and consulting services will be flat rate, hourly or require a rolling retainer depending on the amount of time we work together.

Please inquire for more information. Ultimately having consulting will save you money in the long run.

Most projects are paid in terms, but for ongoing consulting services a retainer is required. Please contact me for more information about different payment terms.

Yes, Shopify is the main focus of my services. However, if you have a site on another platform and would like me to do an audit on it, I can certainly do that. Just email me with the specifics to make sure it's a good fit.

Get started

Reach out and let's see if we gel! I am ready to be your go-to-person with your Shopify adventures

IMPORTANT: I do NOT work with adult websites, websites that display mature/adult related content in any manner. I also do NOT work with sites that sell CBD products, vaping, lingerie and pharmaceuticals.

We do not share your information and care about your privacy

Hire a Shopify consultant, ecommerce consultant & Shopify consulting services

Looking for a Shopify consultant to give you guidance on how to improve your Shopify store? I have 10+ years working as a top-rated Shopify expert. I love helping store owners increase their sales on e-commerce sites and improve their customer’s shopping experience. I provide ecommerce consulting services to basic Shopify store owners and Shopify Plus shop owners. There is no shop too big or too small to benefit from fresh, expert eyes on their website. As an ecommerce consultant, I can give your site an in-depth Shopify store audit and tell you what needs to be improved, changed or adjusted. With my Shopify consulting services, I can create a winning ecommerce consulting strategy that’s geared for success.

Ecommerce consulting services

My Shopify consulting services can change the entire direction of your business. I’ve had clients rebrand their products, redesign their websites, change their domain names and more just based on my expert guidance. If you’re looking for the best Shopify consultant to review your website it might be hard to find someone who really cares about your shop. I’d like to think that I’m one if the best e-commerce consultants for Shopify because I truly do care and I know the frustrating questions and issues you are struggling with. Like: why aren't my products selling? What's wrong with my website? Can you help me with my website? How can my Shopify site be improved? Is my Shopify store ugly? What could be improved with my product branding? Where can I hire a Shopify consultant or get e-commerce consulting services? And can you help increase my sales? With my expertise I am confident I can answer all these questions for you and help get your business to the top!

Shopify consulting for businesses

I have helped clients and businesses in every industry. Beauty stores, clothing stores, electronic shops, furniture stores, handcraft boutiques, florist shops, jewelry stores, fitness and workout equipment stores, spas, top brands, entertainers, sporting goods stores, big businesses, enterprises you name it, I’ve done it. In the process of working with brands, companies, individuals and businesses in all these different industries, I have amassed an immense knowledge-base for Shopify/ecommerce stores and customer shopping behavior. Let my experience lead your business to the top of it’s field!

Shopify consulting services

Sellmaze was created to help businesses with my expert guidance. I can provide a strategy for success that will get your sales flying. By working as a freelance ecommerce consultant, I get to help Shopify store owners improve their stores and thus increase their sales. As an e-commerce strategy consultant, I will give your Shopify website a thorough analysis and develop a strategy for success. Hiring a Shopify store consultant will save you money and time in the long run. I can hone in on the issues with your Shopify store and create a strategy that will solve your Shopify problems quickly.

Shopify strategy consulting

My ecommerce consultant services will help guide your business to greater success. With an expert Shopify consulting strategy, your business can sell more products and grow! Being a Shopify consultant I can build a better brand for your business, increase your traffic, increase your sales and improve your customer’s shopping experience. The ecommerce strategy consulting services that I provide are based on years of experience working with businesses. Hiring a Shopify consultant and utilizing my ecommerce consulting will get you to the top faster. Let's face it, there's a reason you aren't selling your products or services in the volume you want and I'm confident I can find a solution that will get your business booming.

Ready to hire a Shopify consultant?

Great! Having a professional look over your Shopify site will improve your business in every way. I’m excited to help you with your Shopify store and get your sales up. Let my years of experience as an expert Shopify consultant help you succeed selling online. If you have any questions about my Shopify consulting services, e-commerce consulting/strategy services, or about me as an expert Shopify consultant, feel free to contact me, I'm always happy to help.