I love to solve problems & help create pixel perfect Shopify stores that succeed :)

14+ years of running a successful web design agency puts me in a position to help you in ways you cannot find anywhere else. My consulting services are backed by knowledge that can only come from working with hundreds of clients over the years.

What is the Sellmaze?

Sellmaze™ is a series of choices and decisions retail owners must navigate to succeed. My goal is to help store owners navigate all these hurdles by leveraging all my knowledge and experience.  

About me

Hi, my name is Jay and it's nice to meet you!

In 2007 I started Realm Web Design and built countless sites for different industries; lawyers, stores, celebrities and more. In 2012 I converted Realm to a 100% full service Shopify agency. I was one of the first web designers to be listed on the Shopify experts marketplace. I have received over 100+ 5 star reviews and several accolades for my skills and expertise. From startups to enterprise businesses, I’ve worked with clients all over the USA, Canada and overseas.

Everything I know is ready to be shared with you to help you go further

Sellmaze gives me the opportunity to put my years of knowledge and commonsense approach to work for businesses as a Shopify consultant. One of the key reasons I started offering consulting is because in the 14+ years I worked as a web designer I talked to so many clients that had really gotten taken for ride by companies that just create garbage. “Why is it so hard to find someone good?” they would say over and over. Low-grade web design scammers have always been a problem, but when I became a 100% Shopify agency, I saw a gigantic spike in clients getting fooled by cash grabbers, liars and fakers. Sometimes these innocent shop owners would get strung a long for 16 months or longer before they realized the “person/team” they hired has not done anything or has no clue what they are doing. Costing them thousands of dollars and wasting their time. Enough about that crappy road, how about a new one, right? 

My goal is to help you get it done right, find the right team, make sure the work is done perfectly, make sure your site is designed correctly and reduce the chance of problems. That’s why I created my Shopify store audits to help store owners get answers & solution and Shopify consulting services so you can have a go-to person. I’m happy to provide your business with advice, insights and guidance. I am confident I can find out what’s wrong with your website and help your business success quickly. Let me save you time, money and frustration. Sometimes all a site needs is a few tweaks to really get on the right track.

My experience

I have worn a lot of hats over the years and honestly it puts me in a position to be able to guide you on just about every aspect you require to become successful online

Web developer

I've been a web developer for 14+ years now with HTML, CSS, JS, ruby, PHP, SQL and much more boring/exciting stuff

Shopify expert

As a top ranked Shopify expert I have run an agency for over 11+ years, creating and helping well over 200+ Shopify stores and builds

Business strategy

From startups to enterprise business, I've helped create a plan to maximize shop's success and do it in a way that gives them the best ROI

Project management

Managing projects from start to launch I have taken the lead role on countless projects managing teams for Shopify companies and businesses

UX design

Designed, built and launched over 100+ stores during my time focusing on the user experience thus creating happy customers and increasing sales

App development

I've successfully project managed app development for public and private Shopify apps. Some super simple and some very complex

SEO expert

SEO is something I have been doing since the beginning, I can provide a wealth of helpful oversight and advice for your search engine marketing strategies


Years of experience managing and setting up email & SMS marketing, sales channels and other methods. I can advise on what works and what doesn't

Social media

Personally I find social media really stupid, but it works and I can guide you effectively to build brands, increase your traffic and sales

Shopify plus

I know what Plus can do for a business and can help you tap into the power of the enterprise version of Shopify to excel at a higher rate

Easy to work with

You will NOT be dealing with some crabby person. I am an upbeat happy fella! As a preference, I would rather not work with crabs either, who has the time :)

Common questions

Here are some answers to questions about working with me on your Shopify project

I work with Shopify shops in almost every industry. Beauty, skin care, fashion & clothing, electronics, furniture, handcrafts, florists, jewelry, services, industrial fitness and more!

I do not work with adult websites, websites that display mature/adult related content in any manner. I also do not work with sites that sell CBD products, vaping, lingerie and pharmaceuticals.

Nope I do not code or provide any of those services. My role is to help find and manage the teams that do. This offers you a partner with the experience necessary to direct tasks, changes and operations in a way that will achieve the best possible outcome.

Nice folks and companies that are motivated and open to not only suggestions but real solid blunt advice.

No crabby people please! :)

Nope, I started as a web designer and then a Shopify expert, but the focus with Sellmaze is e-commerce consulting and Shopify site audits. I don't perform the changes I recommend such as web design services, theme design, marketing, SEO etc. What I will do is recommend vetted Shopify expert companies that I work with or I can help you find companies that can provide you with the best Shopify services possible. Letting me be involved in the selection of your team reduces the chances of getting scammed and in the end gets the best result.

With project management services, I will take charge of your team or the vetted team we recommend to create and complete all aspects of the scope and plan.

It was a blast, but I no longer build Shopify sites. I am strictly a consultant providing e-commerce consulting and Shopify store audits.

You can choose your method of communication here, or if you're ready to jump into a site audit fill out the order form at the bottom of the site audit page.

Of course! Please either put through your order or contact me prior so we can make arrangements.

I am 100% self taught! In 14+ years working on web projects, creating shops and talking to hundreds of clients I have amassed a wealth of knowledge & expertise. I was also one of the first of a handful of experts on Shopify experts back in 2012. Was it that long ago? Wow! :)

Yes, Shopify is the main focus of my services. However, if you have a site on another platform and would like me to do an audit on it, I can certainly do that. Just email me with the specifics to make sure it's a good fit.

Site audits and consulting services are a flat rate costs and meetings & phone calls are billed hourly. Please inquire for more information. Ultimately having consulting will save you money in the long run.

Yes, 100% proudly USA based.

I am and in the central timezone CST, 2 hours ahead of those in the west and 1 hour behind those in the east. Did that help or make it worse with my explanation of timezones? :)

Let's connect

Wether you just got started or are already established I know I can help you go further with your Shopify venture

IMPORTANT: I do NOT work with adult websites, websites that display mature/adult related content in any manner. I also do NOT work with sites that sell CBD products, vaping, lingerie and pharmaceuticals.

We do not share your information and care about your privacy