Imagine if you could have all the answers about what is wrong with your Shopify store?

There are many aspects to a Shopify store that can hinder growth and conversions. I have seen it all in my 10+ years as a Shopify expert. Let me use my extensive Shopify knowledge to analyze your site, reveal the issues, answer your questions and create a "big picture" plan for your shop's success.

What is a Shopify site audit?

This is when a qualified expert goes through your Shopify site front-end and back-end identifying all the issues that are effecting sales, conversions and the upward climb of your Shopify business.

What is included

These key services will have you feeling confident with where your store is at and what to do next

Expert site audit

In-depth and precise review of all pages to identify core visual and conversion issues. This information is used to create a plan of what needs to be fixed

Backend review

Full evaluation of all Shopify store settings, installed apps, theme review, analytics, marketing and SEO setup for the entire Shopify store

Meeting walkthrough

One hour video conference call going through all the issues found and solutions on how to correct them. We will browse the site during this important meeting

Problem solving

During the walkthrough conference you can bring up questions, problems or issues you're facing and I can come up with solutions

Plan provided

A detailed plan will be provided to explain all the issues I discovered and the recommended actions to take to solve these problems and get your site on track

Get on track

The goal of this whole process is to empower you with knowledge, protect your future, absorb expert insights and walk away with a plan to make it happen

About me

For me doing site audits is one of the most rewarding services I offer, since it gives me a chance to hone my abilities and help a lot of store owners get on track. My approach is straight to the point, blunt, with no sugar coating because I want to get your business on the right back as soon as possible.

Learn more about my qualifications, why I am on your side and how my knowledge and expertise is the real deal.

How it works

My process is upbeat, super comprehensive and I'll guide you through your Shopify site audit


After you order I will begin going through your website page by page and preparing for our video conference walkthrough


I'll reach out to schedule our walkthrough video conference where you can get all your questions answered


I will email you the Sellmaze report, action lists and a plan of everything I've recommended

Common questions

Here are some answers to questions about working with me on Shopify site audits

I work with Shopify shops in almost every industry. Beauty, skin care, fashion & clothing, electronics, furniture, handcrafts, florists, jewelry, services, industrial, fitness and more!

I do not work with adult websites, websites that display mature/adult related content in any manner. I also do not work with sites that sell CBD products, vaping, lingerie and pharmaceuticals.

From start to finish the average time to complete an audit is about 7 business days. This timeframe includes research, all site audit aspects, our meeting walk-through video conference and creating the plan for you. Keep in mind this is a popular service so it may be a few days before I can start if I have a lot of audits going on.

Yes, I can assist by directing you to vetted companies that I work with and trust. This ensures that things are done and fixed correctly so no more time is wasted getting on your road to success.

Yes! That is something that irritates me a lot! On our video walk through conference I can run you through some common scams and point you in the right direction to avoid them in the future. There is a protocol to avoiding wasting time and losing money with fakers.

100%! I do not share any of the information gathered with anyone or 3rd parties.

All data and information is also removed within 90 days from our local servers for your privacy. Any data that is stored online will be available for up to a year so you can have access to it.

Yes! I'm proudly 100% USA based. I'm also in Minnesota, so that means I am freezing cold half the year.

I am in Minnesota in the Central timezone (CST / UTC -6) which usually works perfect for just about everyone. There are some timezones that do prove to be tricky like Australia or China. Please contact me if you don't think our timezones are compatible to make sure we can connect.

If your current site is really on the outs and you plan a redesign then this service might not be the best match. Instead I would suggest using my Shopify consulting services. At the same time, it may be helpful to know what is wrong with your current Shopify site so the same mistake are not repeated.

I have been a Shopify expert for over 11+ years and ran a top Shopify agency that handled everything from start ups to fortune 500 companies. I also have a total of 14+ years of web development experience. I am very knowledgeable in SEO, site design UX and marketing. To learn more about me click here.

Of course! Please either put through your order or contact me prior so we can make arrangements.

Nice folks and companies that are motivated and open to not only suggestions, but real solid blunt advice.

No crabby people please! :)

Yes! To launch with all aspects of your Shopify site in order makes for the most accurate analytics on conversions. When things are not working, Shopify sites can spend years not seeing results and wasting a lot of time. Many times the simplest things are not seen by owners or even "qualified" developers. To launch with confidence is a better way to go.

Yes, Shopify is the main focus of my services. However, if you have a site on another platform and would like me to do an audit on it, I can certainly do that. Just email me with the specifics to make sure it's a good fit.

You will see an increase in conversion & sales on your site, better customer retention, repeat business, an improved customer shopping experience, a better looking & more functional website and the confidence that your Shopify site is the best it can be. Most importantly you will have the answers to your questions, solutions for issues you're having and a plan for ongoing success!

Ready to get started?

I am super excited to get your Shopify store on track. Just fill out this simple form, checkout and I will be in-touch to start the Shopify audit process.

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